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Since 2017 ended up being this sort of crapshoot, you actually want to ring in New year’s 2018 on a better observe – the right note, to be particular. To make sure a celebratory front for 2018, Twitter users composed New year 2017 Ending Songs tweets specializing in certain songs to play at nighttime. to start 2018 correctly, you need to ensure you comply with one of these 2018 New yr’s Eve music tweets and get your iPod, turntables, or YouTube queue all synced up so that when the ball drops, so does the beat.

A lot of these “in case you play” tweets reference a few of 2017’s exceptional pop songs, but they tend to attract closely from beyond hits that people of today both apprehend and sympathize with. different tweets with songs timed to drop on New 12 months’s 2018 draw upon the high-quality rap collaborations for party, because nothing bangs greater than a whole percent of MCs. but greater frequently than not, maximum “begin 2018 successfully” tweets throw back to greater embarrassing songs out of your existence, possibly because the whole thing these days takes place to be a funny story.


  • 1. God Bless The Rains…

Happy New Year 2017 Ending Songs

  • 2. Watch The Queen Conquer

Happy New Year 2017 Ending Songs

  • 3. An Easy One

Happy New Year 2017 Ending Songs

  • 4. Leave Your Tears Behind

Happy New Year 2017 Ending Songs

  • 5.  Release Your Inhibitions

If you play “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield on December 31st at any time of the night you will have the night of your life because that song is the song of our generation. Start off your new year releasing your inhibitions and feeling the rain on your skin.

— Josh (@OhItIsJosh)

  • 6. Suck It, 2018

If you start Peaches’ Fuck The Pain Away at 11:59:32 on NYE, you’ll start your new year by hearing “sucking on my titties”. Start your new year right.

— Liv (@liv_croagh)

  • 7. For All You Daredevils Out There

if you play “bring me to life” by evanescence at exactly 11:59:08 on new years eve, the first “wake me up” will play at exactly midnight. start off your new year right

— oob (@tmcripple)

  • 8. Carry On

if you play “feeling myself” by nicki Minaj and beyonće at exactly 11:58:50 pm on New Year’s Eve, beyonće will say “world stop” in 2017 and “Carry on” in 2018 ! What a great way to start your year!!!!

— عُمر (@evilful) December 26, 2017

  • 9. Leave The Bad In 2017

If you play “Despacito (Feat. Justin Bieber)” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee at exactly 11:56:12 PM on December 31st, the song will be over right as the clock strikes midnight. That way you can leave it in 2017. k thx.

— Alejandro Perez (@alehandro_29)

  • 10. For The Kpop Fans Out There

if you play ‘all in’ by monsta x on december 31st at 11:54:20pm you’ll hear changkyun’s “girl im all in” meaning he is now in 2018 as the clock strikes 12.

start off your new year right.

— anti minhyuk club (@extraminhyuk)

  • 11. Coming Out Of My Cage…

wanna start your new year in the most “killer” way possible? play mr brightside on december 31 at 11:56:26 PM and the final “bumm bumm buummm” will play right as the clock strikes 12, christening you into the new year as mr brightside. your mr brightside now. come out of ur cage

— jomny sun (@jonnysun) December 18, 2017

  •  12. The Perfect Transition

If you start listening to “Nights” by Frank Ocean on December 31st at 11:56:30, the transition in the song will be perfectly synced with the switch from 2017 to 2018 at midnight. Which is a great way to end and start the year. ✨

— Frank Ocean (@IBoysDontCryCo)

  • 13. Get Alright

If you play “Hey Ya” by Outkast at 11:57:35 on New Year’s Eve, your 2018 is gonna be alright alright alright alright alright alright alright

— Gag (@JewfroWizard)

  • 14. Big Gay New Year

If you play any of Hayley Kiyoko songs a few minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve she’ll probably be singing something gay as the clock hits 12. Start 2018 off the right way, the gay way

— Kait (@itzzkait)

  • 15. Make The Change

If you play Rupaul’s Drag Race season 7 episode 1 at exactly 11:32:29 on New Year’s Eve Jasmine Masters will come out of her cocoon at exactly midnight, start your 2018 right

— busty alexa (@impurethots)

  • 16. Question Everything

If you play Plastic Ono Band’s “Why” at 11:59:16pm on New Year’s Eve that first iteration of Yoko screaming “WHY!?” will play right as the clock strikes midnight. Start off your new year right.

— Scary Dan (@scarydan)

  • 17. So Delicious

If you play Fergalicious at 11:57:37 on December 31, “Hit it Fergie” will play right at midnight and you’ll start 2018 with the baddest rap solo in the game.

— Moira (@MoiraStephens21)

  • 18. How Appropriate

If you play “Glitter” by @tylerthecreator at 11:58:05 on dec. 31st the part where the mood turns all sad and he realizes the girl doesn’t like him back will happen right at midnight, so you can start 2018 crying, even more desperate for love and affection than in 2017

— Garrett Flowers (@garrettflowers_)

  • 19. Get Your Priorities Straight

If you play Somebody Else by the 1975 on NYE at 11:56:26 then Matty will say “get someone you love, get someone you need” at the end of 2017 and then “fuck that get money” at the beginning of 2018. Start your year off right

— The 1975 (@The1975Updates)

  • 20. Not All New Years Are Celebrations

If you play “All Along” by Kid Cudi on December 31st at exactly 11:59:09 pm, Cudi will say “All along I guess I’m meant to be alone,” at exactly midnight. Start 2018 off lonely and depressed AF.

— Eddie-Wan Kenobi (@_EddieD) December 24, 2017

  • 21. Take Your Time

If you play any early Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco song at 11:55 PM on New Years Eve you’ll start the next year off still reading the title

— Mike (@ProgPro) December 19, 2017

  • 22. Put Your Thang Down

If you play “Work It” by @MissyElliott at exactly 11:59:25 on December 31, Missy will reverse it right at midnight, so you can go back and redo last year to make it better. Restart your 2017 off right.

— Alex Winterberg ⛇ (@awehrenberg25) December 23, 2017

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